Where Top Agencies Find The Best Mobile App Design Inspiration

Mobile App Design Inspiration User Engagement

Online website visits are increasingly coming from mobile devices – in fact, more than 53 percent of all global online traffic was from mobile in 2017 alone. What’s more, mobile conversion rates have increased by 64 percent, proving that consumers prefer to interact with brands from the palm of their hand.

But how can growing brands build effective mobile-friendly website designs or develop their own mobile apps? By enlisting the help of a top app design and development firm.

The best mobile app development agencies have strong expertise and a long history of successful projects under their belt. This dedication, skill and proven track record ensures that partner design firms are able to fully develop and design mobile apps that are on-brand and highly functional.

But how to the best agencies stay on top of an ever-changing tech industry? It turns out that the best app designers and developers have a rolodex of resources to help them find inspiration, tools and more.

Top Mobile App Design Resources That Help Partner Agencies Find Inspiration & Crucial Information

DesignRush Best App Designs Inspiration

1. DesignRush

DesignRush puts step-by-step guides and robust inspiration in one place. We feature comprehensive handbooks to help agencies execute the latest strategies.

In addition, our Best App Design section showcases the top mobile app designs for Android and iOS devices. Plus, that inspiration section has long-form case studies as to why they are successful.

Stack Overflow App Design Development Advice Forum

2. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an interactive forum that enables app designers and developers to help one another. Users can ask relevant questions and members of the app design community will answer as they can. Those who ask questions will mark the responses that actually helped them, which gives additional advice to designers and developers searching the site for their own advice.

NSHipster App Developer Resource

3. NSHipster

This digital journal helps app developers understand Swift, Objective-C and Coco programming languages, as well as various emerging techniques. Published weekly, each issue focuses on a different topic, allowing the experts who are reading to get a great overview of the app development strategy at hand.

Best App Design Development Agency Resource Tuts+

4. Tuts+

Tuts+ is a robust tutorial database that encompasses app design, development, graphic design and beyond. The site features easy-to-follow tutorials, follow-along videos and an interactive community of design and development professionals that users can engage with.

Android Developers Blog Top Guide

5. Android Developers Blog

It’s easy to forget Android with the modern prevalence of Apple products and operating systems – but it turns out that there are more than a few Android users. Android Developers Blog provides long-form guides and news-worthy updates to operating systems, cybersecurity measures and more.

Best App Design Resources iOS Dev Weekly

6. iOS Dev Weekly

But nonetheless, apps for Apple products that are compatible with iOS operating systems are incredibly popular. This weekly publication rounds up the top app development news and insights from every corner of the Internet into one easy-to-digest newsletter. What’s better? They also post every valuable link to their website for easy access.

The Top App Design Firms Know That Mobile Platforms Must Solve A Problem

So, we know how top app designers and developers find the latest information, top tactics and beautiful design inspiration – but how does a mobile app’s functionality differ from a traditional website design?

It turns out that mobile apps can solve user-centric problems or overcome business growth hurdles that desktop sites just can’t.

The best way that app design and development agencies determine if a brand can benefit from a mobile app is to take stock of a client’s core mission. What action do they ultimately want users to take?

Then, partner firms look at your existing digital presence. Is a brand losing customers at some point along their buyer’s journey? Is their customer service receiving the same complaint from users?

Now, the final question – could a dedicated platform alleviate this problem or problems, for the business AND their customers? If the answer is yes, developing a mobile app is the right choice!

Solving a problem is crucial for app designs, because you need customers to make the decision to download your app and regularly engage with it. Therefore, if an app is just your website regurgitated on a different platform, users won’t feel the need to use it.

However, if your app makes attaining your products or services simple, streamlined and easy for users, they will feel compelled to download it and engage with it regularly.

Luckily, the top app design and development companies know how to determine the most valuable online platforms for their clients.

Mobile App Design Business Growth Benefits User Experience

The Biggest Benefits Of Mobile Apps

Even if a brand believes that developing an app could be beneficial, making the decision to shell out capital, hire a great app development team and actually create one can be tough. After all, custom mobile apps don’t come cheap and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

However, investing that money upfront can create a brand identity and online presence that creates a strong, long-term return on investment – something that all the best app designers know. In fact, great app design agencies have a strong and comprehensive understanding of the incredible benefits that mobile app designs bring to the table, such as:

1. Improve Consumer-Brand Relationship

Perhaps most notably, professional mobile apps create a direct line of communication between the user and business. This not only opens up marketing messages, which we will explore later, but it also improves customer service.

Mobile apps that solve a consumer-facing problem automatically improve user experience and add convenience. In addition, brands can create a personal experience – particularly on sites that encourage user profiles – then use that information to cultivate a better UX, which 70 percent of users expect online.

Finally, consumers can quickly and easily contact brands with questions or concerns and receive faster responses on a platform that seemingly recuses the middleman, improving overall customer service and satisfaction.

2. Uninterrupted Marketing

App designs boast all the benefits of the world wide web without, well, the world of distractions that come with that. Unlike websites, users have less of an option to bounce off of an app into another while they are engaging with a particular brand.

In addition, mobile apps allow businesses to send dedicated push notifications to users. This capitalizes on that new line of communication with the consumer, ultimately facilitating a trustworthy relationship and increasing the likelihood that a marketing message is actually consumed.

3. Reach A Global Audience

Although the internet itself empowers businesses to reach consumers around the world, mobile apps improve that reach.

For example, many websites may not load in other countries, but apps just need the right device and operating system – many of which are universal – to work properly, thus reducing potential troubleshooting. What’s better? By 2020, there is projected to be 284 million mobile app downloads globally.

4. Build A Recognizable Brand

Creating a mobile app allows businesses the opportunity to strengthen their own identity in a secluded digital platform. Users are free from distractions and able to dedicate all of their energy into consuming your messaging and visuals.

To achieve this, great app design and development firms ensure that their clients’ mobile app designs match the aesthetic and mission of all other platforms – websites, social media platforms, marketing materials, and more. Companies with a cohesive presentation across all channels can see up to four times more brand recognition and up to 23 percent higher revenue.


At the end of the day, most businesses can benefit from investing in a custom mobile app design with the help of a reliable partner agency.

The best app design and development agencies understand the power of mobile applications. In addition, app design experts know the latest trends, techniques and business growth strategies. Top firms ensure they are continually learning and discovering app design inspiration, which empowers them to create successful professional apps for every client.

Ultimately, when businesses work with a great app design and development team who utilizes top tools and resources, they can improve their overall identity, marketing messages, customer service and conversions.

Ready to find the perfect partner for your brand? DesignRush has a list of the best app design and development companies!